Art Style: light trax Review: We're Just Dots In The Stream

Racing games are often judged by their ability to provide more realistic driving experiences, to throw increasingly massive collections of cars at the player or to offer infinite replayability online. Judged normally, Art Style: light trax would be a disappointment. » 7/14/10 10:30pm 7/14/10 10:30pm

Birdo Imprisoned Over Gender Mix-Up, Only A Dildo Can Save Her

Quick: what's Birdo? Dude thing, or lady thing? Upcoming Wii game Captain Rainbow seeks to capitalise on this confusion by making Birdo the centre of one of your first quests. Birdo needs your help getting "her" out of jail, after the fuzz - convinced she's a he - lock her up for using the women's bathroom. And the… » 8/29/08 5:30am 8/29/08 5:30am

Captain Rainbow Says, "Please Turn Over"

Wow, just wow. You are looking at the box art for Japanese Wii title Captain Rainbow » 8/20/08 4:00am 8/20/08 4:00am from developer Skip. The game follows Nick, Captain Rainbow's alter-ego, who's no longer popular as he used to be and goes to Minmin Island in hopes of becoming popular again. There his path crosses with other characters from Nintendo…

Captain Rainbow Continues to Defy Belief

In case you missed it, Captain Rainbow is an upcoming Wii title, the next game from Skip, the guys behind Chibi Robo. A few weeks back, we caught the game's first trailer, starring Birdo, and were all double-u-tee-eff. Now, though, it's been lovingly translated (here, if you're interested), along with the game's … » 7/24/08 6:00am 7/24/08 6:00am