EA May Have Gotten An Early Look at DSi, New WiiWare Announcement Today

“You’re assuming we haven’t already shown it to US developers,” Reggie Fils-Aime chuckles. I corned the president of Nintendo of America after spending all day being told that “no, I couldn’t have an interview with anyone from Nintendo about the DSi because nobody knew anything about the DSi.” I thought Reggie might… »10/03/08 10:00am10/03/08 10:00am

Nintendo's New Wii Games: Punch-Out, Another Code, Sin & Punishment 2, Dynasty Warriors

Click to view »10/02/08 1:45am10/02/08 1:45amYou wanted Wii games? You Wii games. Speaking at the 2008 Fall Press Conference, Nintendo boss Satoru iwata has announced a range of new Wii games. And not music things, or fitness things, or brain things. . And those games are: Punch-Out. Another Code (a Wii version of the DS adventure game). Dynasty…