Stop Pretending Games Can't Harm You, New Book Argues

Are video games bad for you? Could they even kill you? That’s the kind of rhetoric we’re accustomed to hearing from cable television, not from one of the best journalists and critics who writes about games. Simon Parkin’s terrific new book, Death by Video Game, ends on just that note, however. “No, video games won’t… »8/19/15 2:15pm8/19/15 2:15pm


A Book That Tries to Explain Why Some People Die Playing Video Games

I own a lot of books about video games. I paid almost $125 for a used copy of Invasion of the Space Invaders, Martin Amis’s out-of-print confessional/tips-and-tricks book about the arcade age. I recently bought another out-of-print book from the 1980s, David Sudnow’s Pilgrim in the Microworld, which is a fascinating… »8/07/15 5:10pm8/07/15 5:10pm