Want to watch Richard from HBO's Silicon Valley playing Total War: Attila? Actor and writer Thomas Middleditch is streaming live on Twitch right now, and he's so excited about the game it's adorable. You can watch along here. » 3/11/15 10:30pm 3/11/15 10:30pm

Thanks For the Net Neutrality, Oligarchs

"Net neutrality" will be the law of the land following the Federal Communications Commission's vote to reclassify broadband Internet services as public utilities. Please take some time this week to thank the outspoken citizens who made this possible. These heroes of the open Internet are regular folk, just like you… » 2/28/15 1:08pm 2/28/15 1:08pm

Richard Scarry's Busy World Transformed Into A Silicon Valley Town

Richard Scarry's lovely children's series Busytown becomes a deeply disruptive, data-driven, gluten-free Silicon Valley town in Tony "Lunchbreath" Ruth's project, with the appropriate jobs and descriptions. » 1/23/15 9:30am 1/23/15 9:30am

New HBO Show Makes A Pretty Good Joke About Mass Effect's Ending

The characters on HBO's new show Silicon Valley work in tech, and they clearly know a thing or two about video games. So when it comes time to articulate the pointlessness of one of their peers, they've got a pretty solid frame of reference to work with. » 4/14/14 10:00am 4/14/14 10:00am

Today is the 40th Anniversary of the World's First Known Video Gaming…

In October 1972, video games were still mostly an after-hours pastime in corporate or university laboratories. Pong » 10/19/12 6:00pm 10/19/12 6:00pm had been installed only one month earlier at a Sunnyvale bar called Andy Capp's Tavern (today a comedy club.)

Are You Ready for Ads in Your Achievements?

"Real rewards for virtual achievements." That's the pitch behind "Kiip," a new Silicon Valley startup that intends to become the company that connects gamers with advertisers in a sort of Groupon for games. » 4/11/11 2:20pm 4/11/11 2:20pm