The Mechanical Hordes of Shoot Many Robots Are Going Mobile

It looks like Shoot Many Robots, Demiurge Studios' straightforwardly titled, Metal Slug-like robot slaughterfest, has finally made its way to mobile devices. Well, Android devices, at least—though an iOS version is on its way. Owlchemy Labs, the folks behind 2011's cuddly physics-based game Snuggle Truck, also helped… »3/20/13 9:05am3/20/13 9:05am


Shoot Many Robots Has A Refreshingly Straightforward Title

Ubisoft's upcoming downlodable side-scroller Shoot Many Robots is another game in what's becoming a trend towards clear video game names (e.g. Kill All Orcs, Destory All Humans!). And as you'd expect, the game revolves around running around and shooting many robots, and doing so with a lovely cel-shaded art style. (Of… »10/27/11 6:40pm10/27/11 6:40pm