SOL: Exodus Closed Beta Contest Winners Demonstrate the Soul of a Space…

Over the Thanksgiving break we asked fans of space sims to prove their passion for a shot at one of 25 spots in the closed beta test for upcoming PC star fighter SOL: Exodus. Time to see who made the grade! » 12/06/11 4:20pm 12/06/11 4:20pm

Show Us Your Space Sim Spirit For a Spot in the SOL: Exodus Closed Beta

Seamless Entertainment's upcoming space combat sim SOL: Exodus is a game built for the most dedicated fighter pilots; the kind that long for the days of Wing Commander and Freespace, Privateer and X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter. If you can prove your space sim passion, then we might just have a spot in the SOL: Exodus » 11/28/11 3:00pm 11/28/11 3:00pm

Sol: Exodus' Spectacular Space Combat in Action

After much talk, and a few screenshots, we finally get a chance to see the game that is being heralded as a resurrection of Wing-Commander space combat. » 8/25/11 1:00pm 8/25/11 1:00pm

Catch Wing Commander-Inspired Sol: Exodus at PAX

Remember that last, great hope we have for another Wing Commander space combat game? Well it's going to be at PAX this weekend, so you better go check it out. » 8/24/11 5:00pm 8/24/11 5:00pm