The Internet's Best Video Game Cartoons, The 2013 Edition

The annual Saxxy awards aren't just an excuse for Valve to show off the company's Source Filmmaker suite; it's a chance for us all to enjoy some of the best damn cartoons on the internet, whether you like video games or not. » 11/25/13 11:00pm 11/25/13 11:00pm

Here Are the Winners of the 2012 Saxxys for Excellence in Team Fortress…

Two weeks ago Valve opened voting on the second annual Saxxy Awards, celebrating cinematography in Team Fortress 2 and the Source Filmmaker tool released earlier in the year. Last night, voting ended, and winners in four categories were crowned. You may see them here in this gallery. » 12/01/12 5:30pm 12/01/12 5:30pm