Sanctum 2's Launch Trailer Is Action-Packed and... Blue

Sanctum 2, whose younger brother we talked about a little while ago, is out. It's looking... blue. And gray. Also fun. Corridor shooting in corridors crafted by me? Yes please. » 5/16/13 5:20am 5/16/13 5:20am

Out of Nowhere Comes Super Sanctum TD, A Neat Retro Tower Defense Game

Sanctum, Coffee Stain Studios' first-person tower defense/shooter hybrid from 2010, is getting a sequel on May 15. As usual, pre-ordering nets you extra goodies, but in this case, you get something far better than an extra gun skin. Namely a whole spinoff game. Which looks quite spiffy. » 5/10/13 7:30am 5/10/13 7:30am