Paid Less to Die More: The Actors' Union's Beef with Video Games

The Screen Actors' Guild's rejection of a contract with game makers can be seen as a tempest in a teapot - 80 percent of voice work is non-union. But the LA Times goes further to see what's really at stake. » 12/07/09 10:40pm 12/07/09 10:40pm

SAG Sacks Voice Acting Contract

A contract proposal hammered out between the Screen Actors Guild and video game publishers was shot down after a union vote. A key sticking point seemed to be "atmospheric" work, in which one actor voices multiple minor characters. » 10/28/09 10:20pm 10/28/09 10:20pm

Union Contracts Now Include "Vocally Stressful," "Atmospheric" Work

Two major unions supplying voice actors for video games have both won pay raises under provisional new contracts, which also spell out terms for "vocally stressful" work and "atmospheric" roles in which one person voices multiple minor characters. » 10/03/09 5:00pm 10/03/09 5:00pm