EA Officially Snags "Napster"-Founded Social Net

Reports that Electronic Arts was set to acquire Sean "Napster" Fanning's latest venture, a social network, are now official. EA announced last night that it acquired Napster's ThreeSF, owners of a social network called Rupture. » 6/04/08 4:20pm 6/04/08 4:20pm

EA Snags "Napster"-Founded Social Net?

Remember Shawn "Napster" Fanning? TechCrunch is reporting that Electronic Arts is about to plunk down $30 million on Rupture, a social network for gamers that Fanning started up with co-founder Jon Baudanza, who'd both become EA employees in the deal. » 5/12/08 4:30pm 5/12/08 4:30pm