From Wii Beginnings Comes an Outstanding iPhone Real-Time Strategy Game

Originally intended to be released as a flash game, Ronimo Games' 2D side scrolling joint Swords & Soldiers wound up hitting Nintendo's WiiWare service in 2009 as what many consider one of the best real-time strategy console games of all time. Now its Chinese, Viking, and Aztec warriors invade the iPhone and iPad,… » 7/08/11 9:30am 7/08/11 9:30am

de Blob Devs Bringing Swords & Soldiers To WiiWare

The original de Blob developers are back with their own game studio and a shiny new title coming out on WiiWare in Q4 2008. Ronimo Games, founded by said de Blob creators in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is readying Swords & Soldiers for European and North American release. Swords & Soldiers is a side-scrolling RTS in… » 8/15/08 10:40am 8/15/08 10:40am