Robert De Niro Is Keen For Uncharted Movie Madness

David O. Russell, director of Three Kings and The Fighter, has a kooky idea for making Uncharted into a movie: ditch the game story and make it different. Robert De Niro hasn't read the film's script, but he's hip. » 3/08/11 8:30am 3/08/11 8:30am

Uncharted Movie Director Suffers Awkward Actor Plea

At a recent screening for The Fighter, an Uncharted fan approaches David O. Russell to tell the filmmaker just why actor Nathan Fillion is perfect for the flick. This gamer's played all the Uncharted games — all two of them! Awkwardness ensues. » 12/20/10 3:00am 12/20/10 3:00am