The Nasty Twitter Hate Sent To the Former Face of Call of Duty

We know that Twitter is a forum rife with negativity, just as surely as we know that Xbox Live contains the same. But it's still sobering to look at the kind of venom that was spewed in the direction of Robert Bowling, who recently resigned as the public face and "creative strategist" of lead Call of Duty development… »3/28/12 1:00pm3/28/12 1:00pm

'Some' Info In Modern Warfare 3 Leak 'Still Accurate, Some Not,' Infinity Ward Says

What to make of the Modern Warfare 3 leak? Robert Bowling, creative strategist at Modern Warfare studio Infinity Ward said on Twitter today that 'some' of the information in the trove of images, level summaries and audio files, "still accurate," but suggests that other details have changed, presumably during the… »5/13/11 1:40pm5/13/11 1:40pm