The Year In Snacktaku

The year 2014 is nearly behind us, soon to be nothing more than a series of memories of the things we've eaten, places we've eaten and people we've watched eat. Join us as Snacktaku looks back at the year inside the world's stomachs. » 12/17/14 5:00pm 12/17/14 5:00pm

Samsung Gear VR Review: Hell Yes I Will Strap This Phone to My Face

The Oculus Rift is an awesome virtual reality headset. Google Cardboard is an awesome one too. But what if you could have the best of both? Simple and high-tech all at once. That's Samsung's Gear VR. You can probably do the math for how cool that is. (It's awesome.) » 12/12/14 3:00pm 12/12/14 3:00pm

Alienware Alpha Review: Close, But No Game Console

The Alienware Alpha sounds awesome. It's smaller and more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One. It doubles as an actual Windows PC! But be warned: it's not as easy to use as a game console, not as foolproof. It's not nearly the slam dunk I was hoping it would be. » 11/24/14 12:42pm 11/24/14 12:42pm

Endless Legend: The Kotaku Review

As part of our recent shift in focus, I've been playing (and thus writing) about Civilization even more than usual. And for a while, it seemed every time I did, someone deep in the comments section would be whispering about another game I should try that, *gasp*, might be better than Civ. So I did. And whaddya know,… » 11/06/14 6:30pm 11/06/14 6:30pm

Tie Fighter: The Kotaku Review

Here's an entirely plausible scenario: you are a human who enjoys video games, owns a PC and likes Star Wars. You've heard forever that Tie Fighter is something you should play, but a combination of necessary fiddling and the fact you couldn't actually buy it anywhere mean that you've never tried it yourself. » 10/29/14 9:00pm 10/29/14 9:00pm

Alienware 13 Review: The First Futureproof Gaming Laptop

I've owned a grand total of two gaming laptops. It was depressing how quickly they aged. But the new Alienware 13 may not suffer the same fate. It's the first gaming laptop that lets you connect a external desktop graphics card for freaking awesome, truly unheard-of speed. » 10/27/14 9:21pm 10/27/14 9:21pm

Nerf Rhino-Fire Review: The Most Badass Foam Blaster Ever Built

Remember when you had to pull back a Nerf gun's plunger and load a new dart for every single shot? That was a loooong time ago. The new Nerf Rhino-Fire rains down 50 rounds of fully-automatic flying foam from its dual drum magazines and twin oscillating barrels. » 10/02/14 5:12pm 10/02/14 5:12pm

iPhone 6 Review: The Phone That Lured Me Back to Apple

I'd rather get this out of the way up front: the iPhone 6 is the best smartphone you can buy. In fact, it's better than that. The iPhone 6 convinced me to switch back to Apple. » 9/24/14 4:53pm 9/24/14 4:53pm

Tamagotchi 2014 Review: My Pocket Friend Left Me Before I Could Kill Him

Remember Tamagotchis? Of course you do. They taught you about responsibility. They taught you about friendship. But most importantly, they taught you that friends don't leave friends in rooms filled with their own feces. Now, it's time to reopen those old, grief-stricken wounds. The Tamagotchi is back—and it is still… » 9/09/14 5:50am 9/09/14 5:50am

Razer Blade 2014 Review: Great For Games, Overkill Otherwise

Razer's badass Blade gaming laptop is back with a screen that's insane, and the power to push some serious pixels. But that doesn't do you much good when getting by day-to-day is a little bit of a struggle. » 7/09/14 4:25pm 7/09/14 4:25pm

Goat Simulator, As Told By Steam Reviews

All 24 Of The PS4's Launch Games, Reviewed

On day one of Sony's console launch, there are 24 games you can pick up to play on it. We've either reviewed or spent time with all of them. So here are our thoughts, in micro-review form. » 11/16/13 2:00pm 11/16/13 2:00pm

Retina iPad Mini Review: A Sight for Sore Eyes

Last year's iPad mini was very nearly perfect in every way, except the one you needed it to be. Its display was porridge next to the bright retina cornucopia of its bigger iPad brother and its tiny tablet competitors. This year? We feast. » 11/15/13 2:33pm 11/15/13 2:33pm

Three PS4 Games, Reviewed

Whether you're getting the PS4 at launch, in a few months' time or never, there's certainly one factor that'll make your decision for you: the games. So today we've got three reviews for games you can pick up for the PS4 on day one. » 11/13/13 1:30pm 11/13/13 1:30pm

Ignore Those Early Negative Ouya Reviews. It Wasn't Ready.

While the Android-powered Ouya isn't hitting retail until early June, early backers have received their preview units, and some of them don't have very positive things to say about the great open source console hope. That's to be expected as, according to the console maker, the system isn't review-ready yet. » 4/09/13 11:45pm 4/09/13 11:45pm

Metacritic Treats Some Outlets Differently From Others. Here's How…

Industry favourite Metacritic, a site which aggregates review scores, does not simply add up every score it can find and come up with an average. It weights scores, giving some outlets more of a say in the final aggregated tally than others. » 3/27/13 7:16pm 3/27/13 7:16pm