Borderlands Guns Look So Badass In Real-Life

300 hours and $200 was enough for popular modder Ikkalebob to build the real-life version of the Dahl assault rifle from Borderlands. It even has a working sight and with the tweaks he made it just looks really powerful. » 8/22/14 10:40am 8/22/14 10:40am

Assassins' Creed IV Cosplay Begins With This McFarlane Toys Creation

Okay, any Assassins' Creed cosplay is going to start with a white hood, but soon after that you're going to need a weapon. Comic book legend Todd McFarlane provides, with a replica of Edward Kenway's Hidden Blade Gauntlet so pretty you can barely tell it's plastic. » 5/31/13 8:30am 5/31/13 8:30am

This BioShock Infinite Replica Weapon Fell Right Out of the Sky

Last time we saw anything from Vector Sigma Creations’ Weaselhammer, he’d made a weapon from the future in the form of the M-12 Locust submachine gun from the Mass Effect games. This time, he goes back into the past and crafts a swell looking machine gun from BioShock Infinite. » 5/15/13 9:40am 5/15/13 9:40am

The Real Legend of Zelda Gale Boomerang Flies Much Further

You could probably deal more damage with this replica of the Gale Boomerang from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess than the one in the game, which is more a tool to cut ropes and put out fires than weapon. » 4/16/13 8:48am 4/16/13 8:48am

Fight for Humanity with this Awesome Mass Effect Gun Replica

Weaselhammer of Vector Sigma Creations is the very talented person behind this magnificent-looking replica of the M-12 Locust submachine gun from Mass Effect 2 and 3. The overall creation process took about three months, during which Weaselhammer crafted the model piece by piece, attaching synthetic polymer components… » 3/12/13 8:15am 3/12/13 8:15am

Just Imagine the Bugs You Can Shoot with This Starship Troopers Gun

One intrepid Japanese model maker recreated the Morita Assault Rifle from Starship Troopers as a full-scale replica. Bless him. » 8/02/12 7:50am 8/02/12 7:50am

It's Almost Time to Preorder This Amazing $400 Mass Effect 3 M-3…

Triforce, the creators of many fine video game replica weapons, are getting ready to arm 600 lucky customers with scale replicas of the M-3 Predator Pistol from Mass Effect 3. » 5/25/12 7:00pm 5/25/12 7:00pm

Unauthorized Presales Land NECA's Awesome Portal Gun Replica on…

You know that awesome Portal gun NECA was working on? The one everyone was excited about buying? As it turns out, folks were excited about selling it as well, and that excitement might have just gotten the amazing replica cancelled. » 3/12/12 7:30pm 3/12/12 7:30pm

Please Do Not Arm Our Readers with Weapons, Especially Those with…

Commenter GiantBoyDetective poses here with the replica Master Sword he received for Christmas, a harbinger of dark times ahead in today's Speak Up on Kotaku. » 12/27/11 11:20am 12/27/11 11:20am

I Wield the Mighty Doomhammer

Does this make me Warchief? Weighing in at 18 pounds and forged from steel, Epic Weapons' Doomhammer replica is one mighty meat tenderizer. If I can scrape up $300 we might have a new banhammer on our hands. » 10/22/11 6:30pm 10/22/11 6:30pm

This Life-Sized Portal Turret Replica Has Its Laser Eye on You

Complete with a red laser eye and motion-sensing sound bytes, video game replica prop master Ryan Palser's latest creation is only one assload of bullets away from being a really bad idea. » 5/09/11 1:20pm 5/09/11 1:20pm

Amazon Lets Slip The Dead Space 2 Collector's Edition

A swag-laden collector's edition for EA's Dead Space 2 briefly appeared on yesterday before being taken down, but not before this attractive image found its way onto the internet proper. Is that a replica Plasma Cutter I see? » 10/13/10 12:40pm 10/13/10 12:40pm