A Redditor Has Been Leaking WWE Outcomes [Update: WWE Response]

In February on r/SquaredCircle, Reddit's pro wrestling forum, one poster kicked off a "prediction series," asking users to pick who they expected to win at that week's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event. The winner was a user named "Dolphins1925," who posted just minutes before the start of the event, and nailed the… » 7/15/13 4:25pm 7/15/13 4:25pm

Fired Zynga Staff Hits Reddit to Talk Life Before the Massacre

A few game-makers who got the axe on Monday have already recovered—enough to dish on Reddit, at least. They're answering questions right now—and talking severance packages, game theft, and of course, corporate perks. » 6/05/13 10:56am 6/05/13 10:56am