Prototype 2’s Developers Figured Out That Alex Mercer Was, Well, Kind of A Jerk

I did not like the first Prototype. Radical's open-world action title put you into the mutated skin of a super-cannibal that ate people in his quest for vengeance. Playing as aggrieved scientist Alex Mercer made me feel creepy, as I generally am not interested in eating people. The story and the reasons it gave for… »1/09/12 9:15am1/09/12 9:15am


Embrace The Thrill of the Hunt in This Prototype 2 Trailer

The developers at Radical talk about how you'll be stalking James Heller's prey in the upcoming open-world sequel. Eating enemies also gets in this behind-the-scenes look, which also offers new looks at combat and quests, too. You'll get your chance to hunt through Prototype 2's ruined New York City when the game… »12/16/11 2:40pm12/16/11 2:40pm