Former NFL Player Recovers From Video Game Addiction, Returns to Pro…

Former All-American defensive tackle Quinn Pitcock was, in 2007, a high profile rookie on the Indianapolis Colts' roster. By 2008, he was out of the NFL, not because his body was damaged, but because he was addicted to playing Call of Duty. » 6/12/12 2:30am 6/12/12 2:30am

Games-Addicted NFLer Doesn't Make The Team

Quinn Pitcock, who climbed up from the rock bottom of self-described games addiction to give his NFL career another shot, did not make the final cut with the Seattle Seahawks. » 9/08/10 7:20pm 9/08/10 7:20pm

NFLer Opens Up About His Games Addiction

Quinn Pitcock, the once promising defensive lineman who washed out of the NFL in 2008, citing games addiction, has opened up about his dark days in front of a screen. His game of choice was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. » 9/02/10 10:30pm 9/02/10 10:30pm

NFL Player Returns From Games Addiction

Quinn Pitcock was an all-America defensive lineman at Ohio State, and a third-round draft pick by the Indianapolis Colts. But he quit the NFL in 2008, at age 24. The reason? Video games addiction. » 8/05/10 7:20pm 8/05/10 7:20pm