More Quantum Screens Emerge From Cover

This new set of screens Tecmo's East-meets-West third-person shooter Quantum highlights the game's strange mix of Gears of War-esque characters in a high fantasy setting. » 7/28/09 10:40am 7/28/09 10:40am

New Quantum Screens Are No Longer Theoretical

Tecmo's "TPS" Quantum is reporting for PlayStation 3 exclusive duty in 2010. The third-person shooter looks very Japanese in its visual design, but Western in its cover system-focused gameplay. » 6/04/09 3:20pm 6/04/09 3:20pm

What's Tecmo Bringing To E3? Ninja Gaiden Models, For One

Publisher Tecmo is heading to E3, armed with a septet of games, three of them still currently unannounced. What will Tecmo be bringing, beyond a playable Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2? And "Ninja Gaiden models"? » 5/15/09 6:40pm 5/15/09 6:40pm