Doom 4 Targeted For Console And PC, Wolfenstein In 'Thinking About It'…

Doom 4 was a no-show at this year's QuakeCon, and id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead told me he'll take the arrows for raising expectations it would be there. He also share with me a sliver of details about the game. » 8/16/10 11:30am 8/16/10 11:30am

This Is John Carmack's Next Rocket

Doom co-creator John Carmack also helps create rockets. At QuakeCon 2010 in Dallas, Carmack was displaying his latest, which he hopes to launch this month. It's designed to go up 100,000 feet and then come straight back down. Theoretically. » 8/14/10 4:30pm 8/14/10 4:30pm

The Old Pouring-Liquid-Nitrogen-Into-The-Computer Thing

Here at PC-centric QuakeCon 2010 in Dallas you don't just see peculiar computers, you see people at the ASUS Republic of Gamers booth over-clocking their computers, making them run faster than intended, while super-cooling them with... liquid nitrogen, of course. » 8/14/10 3:30pm 8/14/10 3:30pm

Rage Finally Has A Date

id Software's next big shooter, Rage, built on its next big engine, id Tech 5, now has a ship date. Get ready to wait a little longer for Rage, for it won't be out until September 2011. » 8/13/10 4:20pm 8/13/10 4:20pm

Live With Rage at QuakeCon

Stephen Totilo is live at Quakecon sitting in as three developers walk the audience through the latest on id Software's upcoming shooter, driver, role-playing game Rage. » 8/13/10 3:49pm 8/13/10 3:49pm

Any QuakeCon Photo Gallery Must Include Crazy Computers

You cannot walk through QuakeCon out here in Dallas without spotting a large computer. People drag them in wagons or saunter through the halls of the host hotel with their arms in a personal-computer embrace. Let's start with this beast: » 8/13/10 10:40am 8/13/10 10:40am

A Bright Idea For Doom 3 That Comes A Little Too Late

John Carmack's thoughts today on Doom 3. The programmer says id Software was legitimately "dinged" for making the 2004 game too dark, wishing he'd added more lighting options to the tech, adding "the artists hiss at us if we turn on lights." » 8/13/10 12:00am 8/13/10 12:00am

Doom 4 Absent From QuakeCon 2010

We really thought that id Software would give us an update on Doom 4 at this year's QuakeCon. After all, id CEO Todd Hollenshead said at last year's event that we'd hear more about the next Doom in 2010. » 8/12/10 10:00pm 8/12/10 10:00pm

QuakeCon's Steam Sale Prices Are Insane

Where can you get 27 different id Software and Bethesda Softworks titles for only $70? At the Steam QuakeCon 2010 Sale, along with daily specials on the best games the two companies have to offer. » 8/12/10 4:20pm 8/12/10 4:20pm

id Unleashes Impressive Rage On The iPhone [UPDATE]

During his keynote speech at QuakeCon 2010, id Software's John Carmack demonstrated Rage on the iPhone, running at 60 frames-per-second and able to "kill anything done on the Xbox or PlayStation 2." » 8/12/10 4:00pm 8/12/10 4:00pm

Bethesda Snaps Up Another Developer, Arkane Studios

Bethesda Softworks' Pete Hines just revealed at QuakeCon 2010 that its parent company Zenimax Media has welcomed another developer into its fold. Zenimax, which acquired Quake developer id Software last year, is also the new home of Arkane Studios. » 8/12/10 3:45pm 8/12/10 3:45pm

QuakeCon Begins, Keynote Later Today

Today is day one of QuakeCon in Dallas, Texas. The main event should be the show's keynote address, which kicks off at 2:00pm in Dallas, which is 1pm Kotaku Time (aka MT). We'll be liveblogging it. » 8/12/10 11:40am 8/12/10 11:40am

QuakeCon 2010 Will Be Televised

Bummed that you can't make it to Dallas this weekend to hang with Kotaku at QuakeCon 2010? Quake Live TV will be bringing you live coverage of all the major tournaments, so all you'll need is a cardboard Totilo cutout. » 8/11/10 2:00pm 8/11/10 2:00pm

Doom Creator Helping Bring Rockets To Racing

You may know John Carmack, co-founder of id Software and lead programmer of Doom, keeps busy building space rockets with his Armadillo Aerospace team. But rockets aren't all they do. » 8/11/10 3:30am 8/11/10 3:30am

The Two Sides Of Brink's Civil War

There ain't no good guys, and there ain't no bad guys. There's just the revolutionaries and the security forces, and they just disagree with bullets in this first developer diary for Bethesda's Brink. » 8/10/10 11:40am 8/10/10 11:40am

New Fallout Game Stars Hellboy, Felicia Day And Wayne Newton

With the next Fallout game being set in Sin City, it's only natural the game would star the vocal talents or Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton. » 8/10/10 7:30am 8/10/10 7:30am

The Ghost Of id Software's Past

John Romero haunts game developer id Software. Yes, he co-founded the studio and thus more than earned his place in id history. But Romero only worked there between the years of 1991 and 1996. » 8/10/10 4:30am 8/10/10 4:30am

The First Time I Played Doom Was Yesterday

More than 17 years after it was released, more than a decade after I was first paid to write about video games, I have finally played Doom. For an hour last night. My belated snap judgment? » 8/09/10 1:40pm 8/09/10 1:40pm

How Much Would You Pay For Quake Live 'Pro'?

The makers of free-to-play shooter Quake Live are putting a price on the web-based shooter, offering both "Premium" and "Pro" subscription options for FPS fans. The good news is that you still don't have to play to play Quake Live. » 8/06/10 6:00pm 8/06/10 6:00pm