Tale of the Tape: How Punch-Out!!'s Pugilist Performs in Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros.' inclusion of the Slight White Hope—aka Little Mac of Punch-Out!!raises several interesting questions, from how his natural brawling skills will help him in the game to how his short stature might hinder him. Here to answer it all is GameXplain, with a detailed breakdown of the latest trailer. »2/15/14 11:17am2/15/14 11:17am

This Punch-Out Homage Makes It Seem like Superman Had It Easy

The case has been made that, without his freeze breath, super-speed or invulnerability, Superman really ain't that tough. In the famous 1978 Superman vs. Muhammad Ali comic, a de-powered Kal-El had to face up against The Greatest of All Time and got smacked around by the champion. But, when you compare Ali to Little… »7/29/13 9:40am7/29/13 9:40am

Little Mac Gets a Big Tribute in This Minecraft Stop-Motion Video

The same folks who made that amazing Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening animation in Mojang's hit sandbox construction game have come back with yet another homage to an old-school classic. MinecraftA2Z managed to recreate Punch-Out's first bout—where series hero Mac trades blows with Glass Joe—by manipulating… »1/12/12 9:00am1/12/12 9:00am