Resistance 2 Public Beta Sign Ups Live

Want a chance to get into the Resistance 2 public beta test? has just launched the website where you can sign up to be a part of the testing of one of the PlayStation 3's most ambitious first-person shooters yet. Simply sign in with your PlayStation Network ID and password, fill out a brief survey,… » 10/02/08 12:20pm 10/02/08 12:20pm

Insomniac: There Are Many Ways to Get Into Resistance 2 Beta

Turns out that "exclusive to Qore" » 7/24/08 3:00pm 7/24/08 3:00pm means not so exclusive to Qore. The Insomniac guys contacted us today to try and clear up the Qore announcement confusion. The team promises to do everything they can to make sure the beta problem runs as smoothly as possible and that it is available in many countries and through…