Kotaku 'Shop Contest: What's He Really Playing? Edition

Two weeks ago, MTV Multiplayer's Russ Frushtick invited Project Runway's Tim Gunn over to critique Mario's fashion sense - and blast on some virtual big game. And as a 'shop goes, this should be like shooting fish in a barrel. » 1/31/10 1:00pm 1/31/10 1:00pm

Project Runway Consultant: Mario is Dressed "Appropriately"

With Project Runway: The Video Game asking gamers to make virtual appraisals of real fashion, MTV Multiplayer flipped the premise, asking the show's Tim Gunn to make a real appraisal of virtual clothing. In this case, Mario's. » 1/16/10 7:00pm 1/16/10 7:00pm

Your First Look At Project Runway: The Video Game

They're finally here, the first screen shots of Atari's Project Runway for the Wii, showcasing the make-up applying, rhythmic catwalk-strutting, outfit-trying on excitement you'll be enjoying on March 2, 2010. » 1/13/10 7:40pm 1/13/10 7:40pm

Atari To Release Project Runway Game, Make It Work

Fashionable reality show Project Runway will be fitted for a video game release next spring, courtesy of publisher Atari, with the first licensed title planned for a Wii release. » 10/08/09 3:40pm 10/08/09 3:40pm