Long Rumored Syndicate Reboot Now Rumored for Gamescom

Starbreeze Studios, maker of The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and The Darkness, have been working on the secretive "Project Redlime" for years, a game frequently rumored to revive Bullfrog Productions Syndicate. After years of speculation, we may finally see that game next week. » 8/10/11 11:00pm 8/10/11 11:00pm

EA's Secret 'Project Red' Already Rated

What is EA's "Project Red," the mysterious game that was just rated by Australia's ratings board? It could be the game also known as "Project RedLime" the game also widely believed to be a new Syndicate. » 5/03/10 8:00pm 5/03/10 8:00pm