Princess Mononoke Cosplay Blows The Head Off The God Of Cosplay

10 Nearly Perfect Movies, And What They Teach Us About Storytelling

Maybe there's no such thing as a perfect movie. It's usually enough of a miracle that a movie gets made. But every once in a while, a movie manages to tell a great story without a brush stroke noticeably out of place. Here are 10 nearly perfect movies, and what they teach us about storytelling. » 12/03/14 2:28pm 12/03/14 2:28pm

Miyazaki Films Would Be Just As Pretty With Pixel Art

Last year's news that Studio Ghibli mastermind and all around amazing person Hayao Miyazaki was retiring hit us all pretty hard here at Kotaku. If you're like us—i.e., still grieving in between bouts of playing Ni No Kuni—then I suggest you feast your eyes on these charming pixellated recreations of iconic moments… » 4/21/14 2:00pm 4/21/14 2:00pm

Visit the Real Princess Mononoke Forest

Lush green. Magnificent cedars. Moss-covered rocks. The setting looks like something out of the acclaimed 1997 anime Princess Mononoke. Turns out, it is. » 9/10/13 5:00am 9/10/13 5:00am

The Art and the Beauty of Studio Ghibli

My Neighbor Totoro. Howl's Moving Castle. Princess Mononoke. These aren't only classics, they are stunning. Studio Ghibli is responsible for some of the most loved and best looking films in the past few decades. It's no accident why. » 2/18/13 7:20am 2/18/13 7:20am

Classic Anime Princess Mononoke Is Being Turned into a Stage Play

Studio Ghibli revealed that Princess Mononoke is coming to the London stage. Theater company Whole Hog Theatre will be doing a production of the 1997 anime next April at London's New Diorama Theatre. » 7/19/12 4:30am 7/19/12 4:30am

Princess Mononoke's Game That Never Was

On the one hand, I'm kind of glad there was never a Princess Mononoke video game. As much as I love the film, a proper game just couldn't really work. » 7/06/12 2:30am 7/06/12 2:30am