Watch People Get Pranked into Thinking Star Trek Teleportation Is Real

Teleportation is perhaps the dreamiest sci-fi invention ever imagined so it's no surprise that when a Star Trek-style Transporter pops up in a middle of a mall and promises real life teleportation, a crowd forms to ooh and ahh and secretly hope that it's real (no matter how unreal it is). Illusionist Scott Penrose… »9/12/13 7:43am9/12/13 7:43am

Breaking Bad Prank Reminds Us All To Not Put Personal Info Online

Last month, Aaron Paul—the actor behind Breaking Bad's Jesse—asked his Twitter followers what their thoughts on Breaking Bad were. "Let me talk you thru it. Number, please," he wrote. As you might've guessed, excited fans jumped on the possibility of talking to Paul, and readily tweeted their numbers out. »9/02/13 1:00pm9/02/13 1:00pm