PlayStation's First TV Show Delivers Really Screwed-Up Superheroes

“Y’know, back when I was what I was... this girl, one time after she blew me, she flew. Hovered, really. It happens sometimes with an exchange of fluids...” That’s a superhero-turned-cop in Powers explaining what happens after he hooked up with a non-super-powered person. Smallville, this ain’t. » 3/10/15 4:30pm 3/10/15 4:30pm

Exclusive: Powers Artist Michael Avon Oeming Shows Off His Latest Victories

You might know Michael Avon Oeming best for drawing the cartoony yet gritty tales in the hits series Powers, written by Brian Michael Bendis. But the artist's also a well-regarded writer in his own right. Oeming's next work will be coming out from Dark Horse » 5/08/12 3:45pm 5/08/12 3:45pm and 's got an exclusive look at the moody interior artwork.