Portal 2’s PS3 Version Gets New, Free Co-Op DLC Today

A while back, Sixense Studios delivered the InMotion DLC—which consisted of a bunch of new levels optimized for for the system’s Move controller—to the PS3 version of Portal 2. Now, that version of Valve’s hit sequel will be getting new co-op content, rolling out to today as a free update. » 6/06/13 2:30pm 6/06/13 2:30pm

Portal 2 writer Ted Kosmatka imagines a world where Creationism won

Ted Kosmatka's Prophet of Bones takes place in a world where absolutely everybody knows that Darwin was wrong, and the world is only 5,800 years old. Until one researcher happens on an archeological miracle: an early hominid who used tools, and clearly diverged from humans longer ago. And then people start turning up… » 4/22/13 9:38pm 4/22/13 9:38pm

Not Sure If This Cartoon Chell Is Cute Or Crazy

Brazilian illustrator Rayner Alencar drew this amazing picture of Portal's Chell, which will satisfy my urge to see a Dreamworks animated version of the series while I wait for Alex Zemke to finish up the other Dreamworks-looking Portal project, his animated short. » 4/18/13 2:00am 4/18/13 2:00am

The Latest 'Working Portal Gun In Real Life' Hack Is Pretty Damn Cool

Mirrors lined with blue and red LEDs have long been a staple of Portal-themed decoration. Taking it to the next level, however, is jamin101wolf. He bought the Portal gun prop available through ThinkGeek and Amazon, then plugged the two mirrors into remote-control power boxes. With this he pulls off the effect of… » 2/03/13 12:00pm 2/03/13 12:00pm