Anti-Games Senator Accused Of Being A Grand Theft Auto Character

The irony is enough to choke on. California State Senator Leland Yee, long an outspoken critic of violent video games, isn't just facing bribery charges. He's also been accused of helping broker marijuana sales and of involving the mafia in an international arms deal. » 3/26/14 11:30pm 3/26/14 11:30pm

Two Reasons That Explain Why We're All Obsessed with Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones comes back to television in just a few weeks, and already we're feeling the imperative: All Men (And Women) Must Freak Out. But why is Game of Thrones such a huge cultural phenomenon, among all other fantasy series? It comes down to two huge cultural trends, that are rooted in our widespread anxieties… » 3/18/14 4:26pm 3/18/14 4:26pm

​Coming Soon (Maybe) to Your Xbox Dashboard: Political Ads

Video games can be great place to escape the drudgery of the real world. No need to think about tax rates, paying utility bills or contractor rates when you're in a Halo multiplayer match. But the dirtiest competition in the real world—jockeying for elected office—might be landing up on an Xbox near you, if Microsoft… » 3/07/14 7:15pm 3/07/14 7:15pm

Republican Tax Plan Would Screw "Violent Video Game" Companies

Tax credits are the kinds of things that most video game lovers wouldn't think about when considering where their favorite releases come from. But the publishers and developers that distribute and create games depend on them when figuring out the financials of their particular businesses. Now, a Republican tax proposal … » 2/27/14 4:00pm 2/27/14 4:00pm

Hold Your Horses, Don't Get Excited about Consoles in China...Yet

Earlier this week, China's State Council sneakily released a document about regulations in the nifty Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Due to this release, media outlets have been calling China's archaic 13-year ban on video games consoles to be over. I'm here to rain on everyone's parade. » 1/08/14 8:00am 1/08/14 8:00am

Was Naruto Ripped Off By a Chinese TV Show?

Since relations with Japan have come to a low of late, China has been churning out anti-Japanese television shows, games, and more. Ironically, while hating on all things Japan, one of China's newest anti-Japanese productions seems to have stolen music from Japan's own Naruto. That's right, an anti-Japanese television … » 1/06/14 7:00am 1/06/14 7:00am

Report: Zynga Founder Asked Obama To "Pardon" Edward Snowden

Yesterday, a bunch of America's leading tech sector executives met with US President Barack Obama. They were meant to be talking about the failure of, but things got really interesting when the conversation moved onto the fate of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. » 12/18/13 6:00pm 12/18/13 6:00pm

Battlefield 4 Hurts China's Feelings

Electronic Arts' Battlefield 4 has been out for some time now, but now it seems China's got a problem with its portrayal in the game. An opinion piece in China's patriotic military newspaper, Zhongguo Guofangbao, says that games such as BF4 portray China in a bad light and purposely mislead Chinese youth. » 12/16/13 7:40am 12/16/13 7:40am

Chinese CEO: China To Get Xbox One In Late 2014

China, the land where game consoles are currently still in a quasi-banned state, the console wars pretty much haven't started yet. Gray market imports of both PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones are slowly trickling in, but it seems that, after all, the scales might tip in Microsoft's favour. » 12/16/13 6:00am 12/16/13 6:00am