Skullgirls, The Pinball Arcade New This Week on the PlayStation Store

We've got some good downloadable stuff on the PlayStation store, including the cross-play compatible The Pinball Arcade for both Vita and PS3, and Skullgirls for the PS3. Austin Wintory's amazing Journey soundtrack is available for download (it's also available on iTunes), and Persona 3: FES is now available as a PS2… »4/10/12 9:00pm4/10/12 9:00pm

Rayman 3 HD and Some Games With People Who Actually Have Arms Arrive on the PlayStation Store This Week

Is it harder to upgrade a game to HD when the main character doesn't have limbs? Only Ubisoft game creator Michel Ancel can answer that one, since his signature creation—fresh off the awesome Rayman Origins—gets a shinier PS3 re-release this week. Other notable happenings inlcude a whole passel of Final Fantasy games… »3/20/12 9:00pm3/20/12 9:00pm

Journey, a Bunch of Other Less-Awesome Games New This Week on the PlayStation Store

A sizable update for the PlayStation store, as new Vita content continues to roll out. But who am I kidding? The coolest thing on the store is ThatGameCompany's highly anticipated (and seriously splendid) new downloadable game Journey. (I should say that although I've only played it at a preview event, Warp is pretty… »3/13/12 9:00pm3/13/12 9:00pm

More New Vita Content, Starhawk and SSX Demos New This Week on the PlayStation Store

The PS Vita rollout continues with another stacked week of new digital content at the PlayStation store. Vita owners get access to all manner of stuff, from a few free augmented reality games to apps for Netflix, Flickr and Twitter, demos for a few more titles, and several new digital-only games including Plants vs.… »2/22/12 9:00pm2/22/12 9:00pm

Shadow of the Colossus, Amalur Demo, Uncharted 3 DLC New This Week on the PlayStation Store

Some good stuff in this week's PlayStation store update. We've got full-game downloads for a number of solid titles, including Crysis 2, Rainbow Six: Vegas, and individual downloads for the HD versions of both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. That latter one, in particular, is certainly worth $20, even if you played it… »1/17/12 8:30pm1/17/12 8:30pm

Darksiders, NFL Blitz New This Week on the PlayStation Store

It's slim pickings this week for new additions to the PlayStation store, with a full-game download of the often-overlooked but quite enjoyable Darksiders leading the way for full retail releases. Rock Band 3 gets some good-times pop rock tunes, and Rocksmith gets a whole bunch of Black Keys DLC, which I would imagine… »1/03/12 10:30pm1/03/12 10:30pm

Trine 2, L.A. Noire, Sonic CD New This Week on the PlayStation Store

This week on the PlayStation store, we've got a bunch of new stuff—the gut-check approved Trine 2 is available as a download, as is the venerable Sonic CD and a digital version of the popular party game Apples to Apples. L.A. Noire joins a hefty list of full-game downloads, along with a ton of updates and bundles for… »12/21/11 6:30pm12/21/11 6:30pm

Alice: Madness Returns, Red Faction: Armageddon, Megadeth New This Week on the PlayStation Store

This week on the PlayStation store, the pickings are slimmer for new games than they've been, but there is still some fun stuff to be found. Alice: Madness Returns arrives as a downloadable game, with a full-game trial for PlayStation Plus users. Rocksmith owners will have a chance to download some killer Megadeth… »12/14/11 6:40pm12/14/11 6:40pm

Dragon Age II, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, DLC for Arkham City and Battlefield 3 New This Week on the PlayStation Store

This week on the PlayStation store, we've got new full-game downloads for Dragon Age II and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, as well as the PSN game Wanted Corp. Plenty of games get DLC content, including Batman: Arkham City, which gives purchasers all of the skins that were initially offered as various pre-order bonuses.… »12/06/11 10:00pm12/06/11 10:00pm