Galactic Strongholds Adds Player Housing To The Old Republic In June

Teased earlier this month, Galactic Strongholds is the next major free expansion pack for Star Wars: The Old Republic, allowing players of the MMORPG to set up swanky digs across the galaxy. » 3/19/14 1:24pm 3/19/14 1:24pm

Seventeen Expansions Later, EverQuest Gets Player Housing

Eleven-year-old MMO EverQuest is getting its 17th expansion pack in October, raising the level cap, adding more than 450 new spells, 18 raids, 13 zones, more than 120 quests, and finally giving players somewhere to live. » 8/09/10 11:00am 8/09/10 11:00am

Runes Of Magic's Palatial Housing In Action

Here's a video and some screens that highlight the player housing system in the upcoming MMORPG Runes of Magic. I talked at length about the housing features in my impressions of the title from the Games Convention last week » 8/28/08 12:40pm 8/28/08 12:40pm, but I forgot to touch on several key points, such as everyone getting their own French maid…