Play Halo's 8-Bit Ancestor Now

What would Halo: Combat Evolved look like if it had been made for the Nintendo Entertainment System? Expert de-maker Eric Ruth answers that question with his own version of Halo, a side-scrolling shooter that looks transported straight from the 80s. » 1/18/11 9:00pm 1/18/11 9:00pm

Inevitably, The 8-Bit Halo De-Make Lands In January

The de-make craze shows no sign of abating. Pixel Force, following its successes with Left 4 Dead and DJ Hero homages, will reduce Halo to an 8-bit platformer (with top-down Warthog driving) next month. But, erm, about Cortana ... » 12/22/10 11:30pm 12/22/10 11:30pm