Mechwarrior Honors a Young Fan with Special Mech for Charity

Mechwarrior is selling a special mech, dedicating all the proceeds to a Canadian cancer research charity in the name of a five-year-old girl who enjoyed playing the game with her father. » 7/24/13 2:00pm 7/24/13 2:00pm

Days Of Thunder Drops The Hammer This Summer

Are you ready to drop the hammer? Test your speed against greats like Cole Trickle, Rowdy Burns, and Russ Wheeler in Days of Thunder, coming this summer to PC, Mac, Xbox Live Arcade, and the PlayStation Network. » 2/01/10 1:20pm 2/01/10 1:20pm

Mechwarrior 5 Runs Into Legal Trouble

The future of Mechwarrior 5 is a little up in the air today, with Harmony Gold - the media company that holds the rights to the Robotech universe in the US - commencing legal action against the upcoming mech title. » 9/03/09 10:20pm 9/03/09 10:20pm

New Mechwarrior Game Confirmed, Will Reboot Series

Surprise, Mechwarrior fans! That teaser from yesterday was indeed for a new Mechwarrior title, which is in development at Piranha Games, who worked on the latest Transformers title. » 7/09/09 4:00am 7/09/09 4:00am