Perfect World International Launches Open Beta

Perfect World Entertainment has kicked open the doors to the beta version of Perfect World international, the English-based version of popular 3D MMORPG Perfect World II. After a successful closed beta period, they're ready to let anyone and everyone step into the shoes of the Human, Winged Elf, or animalistic Untamed… » 9/02/08 11:20am 9/02/08 11:20am

A New Perfect World International Trailer

Yesterday we trashed the old Perfect World trailer » 8/19/08 11:00pm 8/19/08 11:00pm and today they released a new one. For the record, I have nothing against the game. Anything self developed earns my respect. I will say this though, this trailer is 10 times better than the one we trashed. It seems to be a lot more action packed and that is most…

Asian MMO Players Love To Smoke And Grind

As a connoisseur of the MMO genre, I've often noticed that your average Chinese and Korean massively multiplayer online games tend to rely heavily on the mouse, often foregoing keyboard movement altogether in favor of the dreaded click-to-move system that I completely despise. So why do Asian MMO games lean so hard on… » 8/13/08 12:20pm 8/13/08 12:20pm