Adventure Time Creator Has Four Game Ideas For Double Fine

Pen Ward's been involved in a couple of games in some way or another, but never quite like this. Thanks to Double Fine's two-week-long game jam—Amnesia Fortnight, aka the reason why Double Fine made Costume Quest, Stacking and others—you'll get to vote on several pitches to see which the developers will prototype,… »2/06/14 4:30pm2/06/14 4:30pm


Adventure Time Mastermind Talks About the Differences In Making the Show Versus the Game

Adventure Time—the lovable, adventurous Cartoon Network series penned by mastermind artist and writer Pen Ward—has blown up to staggering popularity. Search for the show and its characters online and you'll find a mess of fan-made renditions and mash-ups and even new inventions (like the currently non-existent baby… »9/04/12 8:30am9/04/12 8:30am