Let's Rank Super Mario Platformers, From Worst to Best

Doctor, motorist, golfer, hotel guest, party animal - over the years we've seen Mario take on many different forms. While he started his gaming career as a Gorilla abusing carpenter, the mustachioed Italian always seems to shine the brightest when he plays the part of the hero. » 12/08/14 10:03am 12/08/14 10:03am

The Casts of Persona 3 and Persona 4, Ranked

The casts of Persona 3 and Persona 4 will soon be dungeon crawling together with the release of Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. This is the perfect excuse to arbitrarily rank who has the best chance at making it out alive! ...Oh who are we kidding? » 11/25/14 9:30am 11/25/14 9:30am

Let's Rank Fatal Frame, Best to Worst

The Fatal Frame series is one of the creepiest survival-horror game series out there and certainly my personal favorite of the genre. But as with all series, some games are better than others. So let's rank them, shall we? » 10/24/14 4:30am 10/24/14 4:30am

Let's Rank The Fallout Games, Best To Worst

In the 17 years since the Fallout franchise was introduced to the world, all of the games have been met with praise—which means that ranking them isn't easy. That's especially true when you consider that the post-nuclear franchise underwent a genre change. » 10/23/14 2:00pm 10/23/14 2:00pm

Let's Rank the Fire Emblem Games, From Worst to Best

Kotaku has been running a series called the Pecking Order, ranking games in a series from best to worst. In the spirit of this series, let's look at the Fire Emblem series today, ranking them from worst to best. All of the games in the Fire Emblem series are worth playing in their own right, but which are the best in… » 3/12/14 10:02am 3/12/14 10:02am

Let's Rank Nintendo's Controllers, Best To Worst

I published an innocent little story yesterday about an N64 controller that provoked an unexpected response. You see, I hate the Nintendo 64 controller. All my friends hate it. Everyone I ever gamed on the console with hated it. I figured it was pretty safe to share that dislike. » 2/11/13 11:00pm 2/11/13 11:00pm

Let's Rank The Elder Scrolls Games, Best To Worst

We here at Kotaku have been having a lot of fun with rankings lately, from Halo to Grand Theft Auto to Final Fantasy to Pokémon. And now, it's time to rank the big daddy of single-player RPGs: the Elder Scrolls series. » 2/04/13 5:00pm 2/04/13 5:00pm

Let’s Rank The Final Fantasy Games, Best to Worst

For the past two months, we've been running a feature called Pecking Order, in which we rank every game in a series, from best to worst. First up was Halo, then Grand Theft Auto. » 1/29/13 9:00am 1/29/13 9:00am

Let’s Rank The Grand Theft Auto Games, Best to "Worst"

We did it with Halo, so let's do it with another of the world's biggest game series, Grand Theft Auto. And by "it", I mean rank the games from "best" to "bottom of the list". » 12/03/12 10:00pm 12/03/12 10:00pm

Let's Rank The Halo Games, Best to Worst

Let's say you're new to a series. Or are in a position where you're recommending a series to a friend who's never played it. Or just feel like debating the finer points of a franchise with a friend, and deciding which of a big gaming franchise is the best. » 11/08/12 9:00am 11/08/12 9:00am