Borderlands 2 Dev Talks New Art, Improved AI, and Why PC Gamers Will Get More Love This Time Around

By now, you've probably seen the leaked footage of the most recent Borderlands 2 demo, and read our own Michael McWhertor's impressions of the game from Gamescom. Last weekend at PAX, I caught up with Gearbox's art director Jeramy Cooke to chat with him about the new characters, guns, and art tech in Borderlands 2, as… »9/06/11 5:00pm9/06/11 5:00pm


The War of the Worlds Video Game Keeps Reminding People of Out of this World

I heard at E3 that the new downloadable War of the Worlds game might remind people of the lovely, spooky black-and-white sidescroller Limbo. But when I saw the downloadable game at the Xbox 360 booth at the Penny Arcade Expo, I and two other passersby all made a different comparison: Out of this World. »9/02/11 2:00pm9/02/11 2:00pm

AirMech Looks Amazing, Like the Sequel to Proto-RTS Masterpiece Herzog Zwei We've Always Wanted

Tucked away at this weekend's Penny Arcade Expo was indie game AirMech, a real-time strategy title that looks a hell of a lot like a spiritual sequel to Herzog Zwei. Don't know it? It's not only of the earliest real-time strategy games, it's one of the best multiplayer experiences on the Sega Genesis. »8/30/11 10:00pm8/30/11 10:00pm

Closure is a Light and Darkness Game for PlayStation 3 Owners to Brag About

Over the last couple of years, the indie game Closure has generated some buzz for its simple, smart design. This is a game about light and darkness. In the game's black and white world, what is illuminated has substance, what is in darkness is intangible. You can move the source of light, carrying it away from a… »8/30/11 2:00pm8/30/11 2:00pm