Video Game Ratings Board Rejiggers to Prepare for Downloadable Games,…

Shortly after games began to flood the channels of Apple's iTunes I asked a developer friend of mine why the ESRB weren't rating the games headed for the iPhone and iPad. » 4/19/11 10:30am 4/19/11 10:30am

PSPgo Has ESRB Ratings Packed Right In

The only way parents could possibly miss the ESRB Video Game Ratings Guide loaded onto the new PSPgo is if they never actually touch the system themselves, and what are the chances of that? » 9/17/09 3:20pm 9/17/09 3:20pm

ESRB President Calls For iTunes Game Ratings

When Apple talked up the upcoming firmware upgrade for their iPhone and iPod Touch they touched on the fact that it will now allow you to block movies and TV shows based on content. But what about games? » 6/10/09 2:20pm 6/10/09 2:20pm

An Open Letter From the ESRB to Utah's Parents and Leaders

With Utah legislators on the verge of passing legislation that expands the state's Truth in Advertising statute, imposing fines on video game retailers and movie theaters that provide M- or R-rated products to minors, ESRB President Patricia Vance has written a letter. » 3/06/09 12:20pm 3/06/09 12:20pm

As you read this, Utah legislators are…