​Mass Effect's Sassiest AI Looks Great When She's Made Out of Paper

A disembodied artificial intelligence who eventually got poured into a metal body so she could kick ass and kiss Joker, EDI was one of the best parts of the Mass Effect trilogy. She's supposed to be made of futuristic space alloys but damn if she doesn't look good made out of old-fashioned Terran pulp paper. »12/05/13 3:00pm12/05/13 3:00pm

This Is The Prettiest Game On iTunes, But Looks Aren't Everything

I stare at the glorious handcrafted world of Blitz Games' Paper Titans for hours, lazily rotating each colorfully cobbled-together stage. I would gladly take a large stack of proto-form Titans, popping them out of their paper prisons and folding them to life with a flick of my finger. This striking setting cries out… »5/02/13 2:00pm5/02/13 2:00pm

How Tall is Link? If This Lifesize Papercraft is Any Indication, He's 5-foot-5

Requiring more than 200 pages, 12 hours of work per day for a solid month, and what must have been gallons of printer ink, is this jaw-dropping life-size papercraft Link that the artist Michaela M. completed this week. Yes, she has a template for those with the time and the patience to try to re-create her masterpiece. »9/17/11 1:00pm9/17/11 1:00pm