I Conducted One Of The Final Pre-Facebook Oculus Rift Interviews Ever

They grow up so fast. Last Friday I sat down with Oculus Rift wunderkind Palmer Luckey to discuss the future of VR. He spoke candidly about why he doesn't feel threatened by Sony's Morpheus and, most tellingly, Oculus' responsibility to help make great VR games. The full thing is over at RPS. » 3/26/14 11:04pm 3/26/14 11:04pm

​The Prophet of Virtual Reality

Palmer Luckey, the the man behind Oculus virtual reality goggles, is shockingly young. He may be responsible for one of the current hottest things in tech, but he's just 21. And he says the kind of things people that age say when they're bold enough to dream out loud. » 3/18/14 12:00pm 3/18/14 12:00pm

If You Funded This Ambitious Kickstarter, You'll Have To Wait At Least…

Another day, another entry into the file of troubled Kickstarter successes. The Oculus Rift, a virtual reality gaming headset which raised millions of dollars on the site this summer, has been delayed from December until at least March 2013, and possibly through April. » 11/28/12 1:30pm 11/28/12 1:30pm

John Carmack and Gabe Newell Are Very Excited About This Virtual…

A guy with the terrific name Palmer Luckey wants to finally make a great virtual reality gaming head-mounted display. Some guys behind some terrific games think you should help fund it. » 8/01/12 12:30pm 8/01/12 12:30pm