Payday 2's Creators Are Making A Walking Dead Game

Payday 2 creator Overkill Software is making a new game based on the popular zombie franchise The Walking Dead, the company just announced. Robert Kirkman, the creator of the original comics, said in a post on Steam that it's "the co-op game that all of the Walking Dead fans have been waiting for." » 8/13/14 12:10pm 8/13/14 12:10pm

That's a Mighty Big Box for a Mighty Small Memory Card

Video games and the consoles we play them on may use a significant amount of materials. But even when going digital, it seems we can't get away from the waste. » 6/29/12 4:30pm 6/29/12 4:30pm

Payday: The Heist Will Bring Team-Based Bank Robbery to the PSN

Gamers work well in teams. We've slaughtered zombies, repelled rebels, routed RED (or BLU)—all with the help of our friends. Now we get to rob banks. » 6/03/11 4:20pm 6/03/11 4:20pm

House of the Dead Overkill - Terror, Horror, Flesh, And Ice Cream

Sega's House of the Dead: Overkill isn't just another House of the Dead game. It's a House of the Dead game with one hell of a nice trailer. » 1/23/09 5:20pm 1/23/09 5:20pm