A Musical Celebration of 15 Years of NiGHTS

The astoundingly talented community at OverClocked Remix have released NiGHTS: Lucid Dreaming, a free album featuring twenty-seven tracks and tons of artwork celebrating the 15th anniversary of Sega's beloved NiGHTS into Dreams. Download and love all over it. » 7/06/11 12:20pm 7/06/11 12:20pm

Donkey Kong Country 2 Inspires Three Disc Music Remix Album

Two and a half years ago, the enormously talented community at OverClocked Remix set about creating the ultimate Donkey Kong Country 2 remix album. Featuring 1.25GB of amazing free music, the end result is definitely Serious Monkey Business. » 3/16/10 11:20am 3/16/10 11:20am

Humans + Gears: Xenogears ReMixed

The world's most powerful collection of video game music remixes has delivered yet another outstanding free fan-made tribute album, as OverClocked ReMix releases Humans + Gears: Xenogears ReMixed. » 10/19/09 3:20pm 10/19/09 3:20pm

Final Fantasy IV Gets OverClocked

OverClocked Remix, the cooperative dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of video game music, has just released an arrangement of 46 tracks of the Final Fantasy IV musical score. » 7/19/09 5:00pm 7/19/09 5:00pm