Papercraft Genius Creates Origami Dragons, Grim Reaper, and More

Paper can be used for a lot of things, including origami—and in ancient Asia, where paper was invented, one netizen has created some amazing paper folding art! » 11/17/14 7:45am 11/17/14 7:45am

NES Classics, Turned Into Digital Origami

Digital artist Steph Caskenette picked a couple of iconic NES moments from games like the Castlevania, Contra or Metroid, and made them look like it's all curved paper. » 3/19/14 6:30am 3/19/14 6:30am

While You're Waiting For Heavy Rain To Install...

Heavy Rain is in U.S. stores now, and hopefully in the hands of many U.S. PlayStation 3 owners as well. While you're waiting for the game to install, why not check out our review, or create your own origami swan? » 2/23/10 4:20pm 2/23/10 4:20pm