There Are Skylanders In This Official Disney Infinity Video. [Update]

Disney Infinity is not a Skylanders clone, but that doesn't mean the Disney title wasn't inspired by Activision's toy-meets-game success story. Heck, three Skylanders toys even showed up for this Disney Infinity "Designing the Figures" video. Update — The video has been removed from the Disney Infinity YouTube… »8/07/13 7:40pm8/07/13 7:40pm

Someone Put an Assassin's Creed Screengrab In a TV Report on Syria

Ah, the dangers of Google image search. On Feb. 26, Denmark's TV2 needed an over-the-shoulder shot for a report on the conflict in Syria, and some production assistant gave the control room a screengrab from the original Assassin's Creed (which features Damascus prominently) Apparently it's this one, from the game's… »3/10/13 8:30pm3/10/13 8:30pm

Some Gamers Are Really Pissed At EA For Screwing Up This Weekend [UPDATE: EA Responds]

This weekend, Electronic Arts accidentally gave away thousands of free games thanks to a discount coupon, rewarded to anyone who filled out their marketing survey, that would take $20 off any purchase of more than $20. Some crafty gamers figured out that they could use the coupon more than once, and they walked away… »10/15/12 11:25am10/15/12 11:25am