​Xbox Live Prepares to Warn and Punish Players With Bad Reputations

There are a lot of people on Xbox Live. Some of them are cool and do incredible things. Others are jerks who ruin the multiplayer experience for everybody else. New changes coming this month to Microsoft's online service will soon be doling out penalties and rewards to the trolls or decent people you're playing with. » 3/26/14 1:30pm 3/26/14 1:30pm

The Guy Looking To Expose Online Gaming's Worst Jerks

The guy recording racist and sexist crap in online multiplayer matches know he's going to stop doing it soon. "I really only play one game these days; [Call of Duty:]Ghosts on Xbox Live," he says. "I am a pretty nasty FIFA player but I really don't want to invest any more money or time into video games. I'm pretty… » 3/13/14 4:00pm 3/13/14 4:00pm

After the Internet Drops Out, Chinese Gamer Allegedly Goes on a Deadly Rampage

While playing his favorite online game at a local internet cafe, a gamer named "Zhao" repeatedly suffered internet disconnections. According to QQ Games » 1/29/13 4:30am 1/29/13 4:30am (via ), Zhao apparently got incensed and went to the home of the net cafe owner. There, things reportedly escalated. And got awful.

Internet Addiction Clinics Cracking Down on Beatings

China was one of the first countries to recognize internet addiction as a psychological illness—and then beat the crap out of people suffering from it.

As The Register points out, a 2008 government supported report stated that those who gamed more than six hours in a day and then experienced withdrawal type symptoms… » 8/31/12 6:30am 8/31/12 6:30am

Chinese Anti-gaming Expert Turns Out To Be (Surprise!) a Hypocrite

A famous Chinese anti-gaming expert has his foot in his mouth after appearing at a "game tasting" event in Shenzhen last week.

Tao Hongkai, a professor studying addiction at Central China Normal University, has been around in China for ages giving seminars and talks about the evils of online gaming. But last week, it… » 5/28/12 7:30am 5/28/12 7:30am

Comcast Will Charge for Hurricane Irene Service Outages, Blames God

Comcast customers who lost—or still don't have—cable, phone or Internet service in the wake of Hurricane Irene have a nasty surprise in store for them when they seek to get credit for their downtime. Comcast says they won't be crediting customers who lost service during the hurricane because it was an "Act of God".… » 9/02/11 7:00pm 9/02/11 7:00pm