Gaming Cupcakes So Simple a Little Kid on YouTube Could Make Them

We've gotten out of the habit of posting gaming-inspired baked goods at Kotaku over the past few years, but here at KotakuMobile the subject is fresh and new. Besides, YouTube youngin' AbesWorld2 isn't just showing us Cut the Rope cupcakes, he's showing us how to make them. » 2/01/13 4:25pm 2/01/13 4:25pm

What to Get the Discerning Cut the Rope Fan for Christmas

ZeptoLab's candy-munching Om Nom is the most iconic mobile gaming character this side of Angry Birds, the sweetheart (and tooth) of smartphone gamers around the globe. Round 5 immortalizes the star of Cut the Rope in a series of plushies and collectibles worthy of his big, stupid, toothy grin. » 12/18/12 10:55am 12/18/12 10:55am

Bury Me Deep Beneath These Cut the Rope Plushies

Coming in September to toy and specialty shops around the country, these plush representations of Cut the Rope's hungry little mascot Om Nom are so ridiculously adorable I would gladly suffocate beneath a mountain-sized pile. » 7/18/11 1:20pm 7/18/11 1:20pm

Cut The Rope Goes Cosmic

Chillngo's adorable little candy-muncher Om Nom has proved irresistible to iPhone gamers. Here's a sneak peek at what more than three million Cut The Rope players can look forward to in update 1.1. » 11/17/10 1:20pm 11/17/10 1:20pm