In '84 Epyx Sent Copy Of Summer Games To Soviets, Who Only Played Atari

Thirty years ago, we didn't have fancy PS4s to drool over. No, we had to type in things like "LOAD"*",8,1 to play games, and those games were real. One of the best, of course, was Epyx's Summer Games, which let you take part in such Olympic competitions as swimming, diving, sprinting, and gymnastics as a… »11/15/13 4:47pm11/15/13 4:47pm

Nothing Says Olympic Glory Like a Sonic the Hedgehog Tattoo

You know the Sonic Cycle meme, right? Gamers hear about a new Sonic game, they get excited. Then, the game comes out, and it's a huge disappointment. With that kind of letdown baggage, you'd think Sonic would not make a good lucky charm. Then again, you're not Puerto Rican runner Javier Culson, and you didn't just win… »8/08/12 3:50am8/08/12 3:50am

This Olympic Medal Winner Has a Dream. She Wants to Voice Video Games.

Twenty-one year-old Satomi Suzuki won two medals at the London Olympics: a silver for the 200m breaststroke and a bronze for the 100m breaststroke (she also scored a team bronze medal for the relay). Winning three medals is the stuff of dreams. But Suzuki, has another dream entirely. She wants to voice video game and… »8/06/12 6:30am8/06/12 6:30am

My Awesome Sister is the Zelda Gymnast and Yes, She's a Lifelong Gamer

It's been a strange but wonderful week for my sister, Elsa García. Of course there is the excitement of being in London and competing in the Olympic Games, and representing our country, Mexico. And then there was the unexpected reaction to her choice of music in competition. You see, my sister is the gymnast who… »8/04/12 11:00am8/04/12 11:00am