Donkey Kong Country 3 Gets A Mondo Remix Album, Years in The Making

The giant video game musical collective Overclocked Remix »12/06/12 8:30pm12/06/12 8:30pm has turned their attention to and released a massive, 77-song remix album. It's their 36th remix album, and it features over 69 artists, including musical performances by composer David Wise. (Who, incidentally, is still working, making the music for .)

OverClocked ReMix's Mega Man 9 Album Goes From Metal to Baroque and Back

The video game-music collective OverClock ReMix has released another complete set of reimagined songs, this time for Mega Man 9. (I bet you thought I was going to put a "Goes for Baroque" joke in the title, didn't you? Well... actually, it's not even baroque music, it's more like flamenco, so... yeah.) The full… »9/15/11 11:30pm9/15/11 11:30pm