The First Five Zelda-Riffic Minutes Of Oceanhorn

The closest one can legitimately get to playing The Legend of Zelda on mobile is now the closest one can get to legitimately playing The Legend of Zelda on PC. Let's see how much Link is packed into the first five minutes of Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas. » 3/18/15 11:34am 3/18/15 11:34am

That "Wind Waker For iOS" Game? Still Looking Awesome

Call it a rip-off if you want, enough people have already. But whatever. I think Oceanhorn, for iOS, looks fantastic, and its list of inspirations runs a lot deeper than Link's first cel-shaded adventure. » 8/25/13 9:00pm 8/25/13 9:00pm

Final Fantasy Composer Helping Out On Beautiful iPad Adventure

It's been a long time since we heard from the gorgeous Oceanhorn, an iPad game that's inspired by everything from Wind Waker to Seiken Densetsu. Long enough to make me worried about the project's future. Which is silly, because the team were just saving themselves for a very pleasant, and unexpected surprise. » 7/15/13 6:45am 7/15/13 6:45am

The iPad's Unofficial Take on Wind Waker is Looking Great

I'm not normally one to get that excited over iOS games, especially ones in development, but then Oceanhorn isn't like most other iOS games, because most iOS games aren't like The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. » 1/30/12 12:00am 1/30/12 12:00am

Ever Wanted to Play Wind Waker On the iPhone?

Well, you can't! What you'll soon be able to do, though, is the next best thing, which also happens to be something the iPhone excels at: play a game that's paying tribute to Wind Waker, but isn't actually Wind Waker. » 11/09/11 4:20am 11/09/11 4:20am