I'm Glad They're Still Making Games Like Divinity: Original Sin

A common line of thinking among modern video game fans goes something like this: Games have gotten dumber. Simpler. Game developers are sanding off the weird edges, dialing back the stats, making everything controller-friendly and aiming for the lowest common denominator. But if that's true, how do games like … » 7/03/14 7:00pm 7/03/14 7:00pm

Shovel Knight: The Kotaku Review

Shovel Knight is a video game about a knight who carries a shovel. It's an NES game released 25 years too late. It's the type of platformer that a whole lot of people have been craving for a very long time. » 6/26/14 9:00am 6/26/14 9:00am

Tomodachi Life: The Kotaku Review

How do I describe Tomodachi Life? I'll start with the name. "Tomodachi" (友達) is the Japanese word for "Friend," so the title of Nintendo's new 3DS sim game translates literally to "friend life." » 6/20/14 3:30pm 6/20/14 3:30pm

Pokémon X & Y: The Kotaku Review

It's impossible to escape the influence of Charles Darwin: even if you've never paid attention in class, his theory of evolution has influenced everything from science to pop culture—including, yes, the highly popular Pokemon games. » 10/12/13 3:00pm 10/12/13 3:00pm

NBA 2K14: The Kotaku Review

It's possible that basketball fans have been spoiled by the NBA 2K series, which over the preceding four titles has churned out some of the most conspicuous year-to-year improvements from the brutal treadmill of annual sports video games development. Looking back, the highly polished gameplay and presentation that… » 9/24/13 8:00am 9/24/13 8:00am

The Best-Looking Mobile Game Rises Again, More Powerful Than Ever

The hero of the Infinity Blade series never really dies. Each time he falls he is reborn, accruing skill and power until he's an unstoppable force. The same could be said for the series itself. » 9/18/13 11:00am 9/18/13 11:00am

Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs: The Kotaku Review

Some games are defined by a single place; others by a single character. Still other games are defined by action, by something you can do in the game itself. In its early goings, the horror game Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is defined by a single word: Nope. » 9/09/13 9:00am 9/09/13 9:00am

Rayman Legends: The Kotaku Review

The mark of a better video game, for me, is that it lingers in my mind. I think about it after I'm done playing with it. It adds something enriching to my life, to my mental catalogue of experiences. The bad games don't stick with me. I mostly forget them. I don't think about them. It's curious then, that just two… » 9/03/13 5:00pm 9/03/13 5:00pm

Saints Row IV: The Kotaku Review

Saints Row IV, much like its predecessor, is a game that doesn’t make any excuses for itself. It knows exactly what it is and just how much it caters to the lowest common denominator. And you know what? It straight up loves it. It relishes it. And I love Saints Row IV for it. » 8/20/13 7:30pm 8/20/13 7:30pm

Payday 2: The Kotaku Review

The plan was to play it by the books: mask up, get in, get out. Grab six bags of cash, more if we're feeling confident. We'd go in through the back, it's easy to lockpick that door. I'd take point, 'cause I can talk patrolling guards down; no shooting required....but we'll put silencers on our pistols anyway, just in… » 8/13/13 9:00am 8/13/13 9:00am

Deadpool: The Kotaku Review

My initial foray into the world of High Moon Studios' Deadpool video game culminated in an intimate moment in the eponymous character's filthy bathroom. Pants around his hideously-scarred ankles, our hero strains. "It's burns!" he cries, and it does — but it also feels kind of good. » 6/25/13 11:00am 6/25/13 11:00am

Monaco: The Kotaku Review

The co-op heist game Monaco appears to be missing whatever qualities an online video game must possess in order to turn the strangers who play it into jerks. I'm worried about telling you this, because I'm worried that I'm wrong and that Monaco is as prone to being ruined by the burrs of humanity. I'm worried that… » 5/03/13 9:00am 5/03/13 9:00am

You Are Not Prepared For the Glory of Robot Unicorn Attack 2

There was a time when rainbows and unicorns were the stuff of legend, relegated to the highest of high fantasy and the cheapest of female-targeted school supplies. Those were despair-filled days — days when the mere semblance of a smile was slapped from the lips of man, woman and child alike. Would we ever feel hope… » 4/24/13 11:01pm 4/24/13 11:01pm

Injustice: Gods Among Us: The Kotaku Review

The greatest comic book battles aren't between heroes and villains. You can catch Batman punching out the Joker's magically regenerating teeth any day, but the Caped Crusader versus Green Lantern, or Superman, or Raven "We Need More Women in the Game" Roth? That's something special, even if the excuses for those… » 4/18/13 4:00pm 4/18/13 4:00pm

Guacamelee! : The Kotaku Review

On its own, nostalgia isn't worth a whole lot — It takes a truly special game like Guacamelee! to make you realize why you became nostalgic to begin with. » 4/11/13 2:15pm 4/11/13 2:15pm

MLB 13 The Show: The Kotaku Review

The oldest memory I have is of catching a baseball. Coming from a sports fan, this may sound like treacly, lump-in-your-throat stuff, but it's true. I was three years old. My father was mowing one side of our front lawn, I was standing in the other, and I underhanded a pop fly into the air. It hung up there forever… » 3/06/13 8:00pm 3/06/13 8:00pm